¿Por qué?

Opportunities abound, it's finding the ones that can lead to success for our stakeholders that's my ambition and calling.


Florentino Lopez

My past experiences have molded me into an accomplished professional that seeks to find ways to help individuals and businesses flourish. I strongly believe that I can assist you and your organization continue to excel. I look forward to a meaningful discussion about how my past experiences can strengthen your future effectiveness and lead to even more success for you, your team, and your operation.

  • As a strategist, I seek innovative solutions that drive success. I seek to identify the goal(s) best suited to provide you success and work to find a path towards those goals while avoiding the pitfalls, forks in the road and, squirrels that inevitably present themselves along the way. The mission is to achieve the goal not to succeed in the individual trials or shortfalls. One must illuminate, reiterate and, persist to be successful in attaining the goals most likely to move your organization forward.

  • As a consultant, I remain focused on analyzing, developing, and creating untraditional approaches that allow opportunities to leapfrog our limitations. Continuously assessing, adapting, and achieving is the central focus to long-term strategy. I am an astute, seasoned professional with a strong willingness to share my experiences and knowledge to help others more easily navigate the intricacies of our roles in work, society, and home.

  • As a person, I am relatable to any audience, from dignitary to consumer, domestic or abroad, from the boardroom to turnrow, office to farm. Acceptance into any circle is a fundamental personal trait that has enabled me to listen, learn, grow, and produce at high levels. I am an analyzer, developer, and implementer who thinks and creates beyond the front porch.