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The strength of rural America is the future of America, and, increasingly, the world. 

Items of interest:

May 2023 PS&D Overview

U.S. sorghum export commitments as of May 11, 2023.. As can be seen, 2022/23 commitments remain substantially lower than most years except 2018. 

A slow start for a small crop! 

Market activities continue to be a critical component in helping create sales opportunities. 

Sorghum demand distribution in 2021. 

Sorghum has seen strong export demand until most recently. High prices as compared to the world market, lower inventories due to drought, and a variety of other factors from the strength of the dollar to inflation have dampened demand. 

Although true, population increases, changes in diets, total grain supply, changing attitudes, and a continuing strengthening of the middle class will help to restore demand. 

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